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Live Arrival Guarantee

I guarantee “Live Arrival” of your animal, under the following guidelines (MAX of 2 day delay):

  • Low weather has to be in the 40s minimum. In the 30s this is VOID.

  • Your animal(s) must be shipped to a Fed-Ex Facility, and not to your home or office.

  • You MUST pick up within 1 hour of its arrival at the facility.

  • You must notify me of the DOA immediately upon picking up your shipment, and you must provide me with a photos and videos of the deceased animal(s) immediately at the hub. The reason I would like the video or photos at the hub is so I know it was due to shipping not due to the new owners transportation method.

  • Holiday shipping- If you require shipping during 12/20-1/3 I can only guarantee live arrival with 1 day delay.

Payment Plans 

We are happy to provide payment plans!

NON-Refundable Deposit, I will hold your animals(s) for a 60-day period.  At the end of the 60-days, your remaining balance will be due in full.  If for any reason you are unable to remit your balance at that time, I reserve the right to identify another buyer, and your deposit will not be refunded.  Unless another arrangement was agreed upon.


Shipping cost is at the buyers expense unless otherwise stated.

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