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Storm x Blizzard

 Biak x Manokwari

Who do you think wears the pants_👖 #gre
The lovely couple. Manokwari x biak__#gr

Introduced 12/26/18

Second pair is underway I can't wait!__#
Second pairing is underway! 1st lock on

Many copulations

This🤞__#greentreepythons #greentreepyth
Prelay...momma is grumpyyyy__#greentreep
She's practicing!__#greentreepythons #gr

2/20/19 ovulation

3/18/19 pre lay shed

4/2/19 Laid

15 fertile eggs from my Manokwari x Biak

15 eggs no slugs



2014 undocumented Biak Female who has been in the US since an unchanged yearling living with her sister. She has very unique black down her body with blue undertones,yellow triangle dorsal, and random white scales all over. She fueled the goal to produce crazy things. Unfortunately passed a month after laying her eggs. Most of her neos will stay here until they go through their OCC.

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