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Tsunami x Hurricane

Aru x Biak

When he makes sure he cuddles after! Wha
They are absolutely amazing animals...❤

Introduced 8/13/18 

And again... they took a break but this
They are steady trying! Aru x biak babie

Many copulations

The big O... now we wait ... prelay shed

11/2/18 Ovulation

Prelay shed coming!🤞🤞 #greentreepython

11/27/18 Pre lay shed

She is always in her nest box hopefully

12/12/18 Lay

Pearly whites...momma is doing good!__#g

11 eggs no slugs


Our 1st male GTP 🐍😍 #greentreepythons

Undocumented Aru Male. He is a big boy with high white and vibrant blue triangle dorsal. With the typical calm Aru demeanor. Sire to my 1st clutch. Is now with another collection.

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