Helpful tips

Neonates and Yearlings

How to set up my new addition?

You always want to mimic how they are kept as much as possible.

If you have an enclosure do not turn on the leds or lights until a few feeds in. After your new addition is settled and eating you can then ease into using leds or whatever lighting.

Here at Lottery Reptiles we keep our young GTPS and ETBS in tubs with only natural light from windows and room lights coming in from the front. We mist every evening to increase the chances of hydration. Back heat with heat tape at 84F. Paper towel or water bottom. Perches thinner than their body.

How do I get my new addition to eat?

Make sure you follow the above help. Thaw out as normal and then right before offering dip it in very hot water right before offering. Offer from below as to mimic a prey.

Why is my new addition wrinkley or having bad sheds?

Many people think humidity is too important. HYDRATION is key in these animals. Fresh water often, a mist in the enclosure to increase drinking, and inject the rodent with water. If you are still having issues a good soak or rain chamber in low 80s water will help.

Other questions feel free to reach out!!